Saturday, August 8, 2009

Our gift to you

Goodness gracious, we are busy gals!
Happily though, we found a moment to share an ice cold glass of homemade lemonade together a few days ago.
You see, we had to raise our glasses to each other, in celebration of Creative Sandwich's very first blogoversary!

In honour of our blogoversary, we would like to share one of our favourite recipes with all you dear faithful readers out there. It's our little gift to you all. Bessie often prepares this recipe for her guests when they visit her cottage, and since she cannot invite each and every one of you to her house, we will send this recipe out to you all with our love and affection.

Dutch Baby
1/3 c. Butter
6 Eggs
2 c. Milk
2-3 c. Flour
Sprinkling of Nutmeg & Icing Sugar
Fresh Fruit (your choice)
Whipping Cream
Fifteen minutes before baking, preheat oven to 425 degrees. Place 9"x13" baking dish in 425 degree oven with nutmeg. Beat eggs. Remove baking dish once butter has melted. *Make sure whole baking dish is coated with melted butter. Slowly pour batter into the dish and bake for 20 minutes and reduce to 350 degrees for 8 to 10 minutes, until puffy and well browned.

Serve immediately with fresh fruit and top with whipping cream and a dusting of icing sugar. Dutch Baby goes lovely with piping hot tea or coffee. Use your prettiest china to make your guests feel extra special.

Serves: 4

So dearies, here's to another great year ahead sharing together our creativity ...
Remember, that's what Creative Sandwich is all about: creativity. Creativity schmeared over around and in between the ordinary white bread of our sometimes dry and boring daily journeys. And if you feel you need a little help along the way, when you just can't take another bologna on white, come see Bessie and Bea. We'll cook you up something fresh and tasty; spicy, and dripping with taste and savoury messiness. And we'll remind you that you can do the same, only better! Better because what excites you is special and unique and individual. One of a kind!

Bessie & Bea