Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Well hello dearies.
Do you ever get a hankering for something that you just can't let go until you get your hands on it? Well that happened to me in the last couple days. I've been wanting to have a nice cupcake with lots of gooey icing, in the worst way. Even though I put the call out for cupcakes to my family and dear ones, not a single cupcake showed up on my cottage's doorstep.

You can imagine the dire sadness that overcame me when I visited a lovely new favourite blog of mine, Pink Roses ~ only to see yet another irresistible cupcake! What is an old girl to do, I ask you? I know you're thinking that I simply got out my baking gear and started baking up some scrumptious cupcakes. Well just call me Mrs. Safeway, because sitting in front of me at this very moment are some perfectly wonderful cupcakes. Don't they look lip-smackingly scrumptious? Well, it's time for a nice quiet cup of tea and some cupcakes. Too bad Bea missed them ~ she stopped by for a visit earlier today, but that was before my trip to the grocery store! She never did have a good sense of timing.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Baking Beauties

Look ~ it's a cake fit for a Queen!

Wait! This isn't what it first appears.
This is not a cake at all.
Then what exactly is on the cake plate?

Goodness gracious ~ it's Bessie's hat! Looks like she's found a new place
for her hat
when she doesn't have
a freshly baked cake to display.

Inventive and pretty: Bessie and Bea strike again.