Saturday, September 27, 2008

The post where Bessie gives you a sneak peak

Here are a couple more tantalizing goodies that will be available at our Wild Blue Yonder (Christmas) Gift Show on October 24th & 25th.
As Bea once said: "Our objective [is] to find a few tired, sad and lonely pieces that we [can] rescue and rehabilitate with some tender loving care. We just have so much to offer to the forgotten treasures of yesterday! It has been said that we put the

"F-u-n" back into Funk-tionality!" That Bea, what a way with words.

So at the show (which, by the way, is less than one month away now ~ yikes!), we'll showcase spiffed-up goodies repurposed (Bea and I love that word!) from cast aside items as well as original art of several local artisans. We're hopin' and prayin' for good weather so that many of you good folks will take the only opportunity that you'll have this year to find purely unique gifts.

Bea is still gone on her lovely holiday to the mountains, (no envy here!) and I'm thinkin' I will have plenty of jobs for her to complete by the time she gets home. She's definitely been shirking her responsibilities. Seriously though, she is missed and I'm sure our good readers are looking forward to her return and hearing some amusing accounts of her adventures. Until next time, stay cozy and do something artisitc!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

While Bea's away, Bessie will play!

That Bea! Can you imagine? She knows how close we're getting to the Wild Blue Yonder Gift Show (October 24th & 25th) and what does she do? She takes off for a get-away with Mr. Bea to the mountains. Hmph! I can imagine though, that she'll claim that she's spending the entire time doing "research and development".

Today I just want to share with you a little something that will be on sale at Bessie & Bea's big live event. These beauties are sturdy gift cones. They'd be pretty as Christmas decorations on a tree or a lovely way to present a small gift. Each cone is entirely unique and handmade with love by yours truly.

On another note, Dawn of ART of Humungous Proportions fame is painting up another Faux Gogh chair. This one, although another tribute to Vincent Van Gogh, is entirely different than the
one she painted for her friend Art De Me's Arlene. So far, Dawn's almost finished two parts of the chair, and she was gracious enough to allow Creative Sandwich to give our readers a peek at the chair's progress. Pretty, eh?

Well lovely readers, I hope you all have a marvellous day. Get outside and enjoy some of the wonderful fall sunshine!

Love, Bessie
(who really does miss Bea)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bea and the Blue Jay

Blue Jay's are common in my back yard here at Creative Sandwich. I have many large spruce trees that drop all kinds of yummy cones that they adore. They are such a beautiful bird. The brilliant flash of blue is such an uplifting sight as they glide from tree to tree outside my kitchen window. It almost makes doing dishes pleasant. Almost.
With such gorgeous plumage, it sometimes seems like a cruel joke when they open their little beaks and that comes out! Honestly, they sound just like a rusty gate, squealing on it's hinges! They have often awakened me with their noisy arguments in the treetops. Just get along already!

Early this morning I was deep in dreamland. There I was, tucked in my fluffy comforter and lavender scented pillows, enjoying a lovely, somniferous trip to the prettiest of imaginary cities. I was leisurely perusing exquisite shops chock full of pretty, dreamy offerings, when a rude tapping brought me back to Alberta...and not happily at that!

I pulled my covers over my head and tried to ignore it. Tap. Tap, tap. Tap, tap, TAP.

Arrggh! Who was that? I crawled out of my covers and stood, confused, in the middle of my room, trying to place the source of the sound. Was it from one of the boys rooms? They are never up that early, and it sounded like it was in my back yard. In fact, it was right outside my window!

I pried my eyes open a little further, and opened my window wider. I was pleased to see the sun shining on a scene of breezy autumn colours. No construction crews, but I could hear it. Tap, Tap. TAP!
A movement, a little streak of blue above my window caught my eye. There, in the eaves trough above my now wide awake head was a blue jays tail. Bobbing up and down in time to the banging noise.
I kindly and politely asked him to stop. (I'm always kind and polite around the crack of dawn. Really.) I can't say the same for the Blue Jay, because he ignored me completely. I asked again, perhaps a wee bit more forcefully. Tap. Tap. TAP, tap, tap.

Finally I banged on the window and insisted he cease and desist. The tail disappeared, replaced a second later by and upside down Blue Jay's head. There we were, eye to eye, each as surprised as the other. Then it happened. He opened that deceptively tiny little beak and let out a shrill shriek loud enough to curl my hair! Yikes! On and on he went, telling me exactly what he thought of me bothering him. Imagine the nerve!

Speaking of nerves, there was no going back to sleep after that. I had to go curl up in the sun in my favorite chair with a cup of tea. Far away, on the other side of the house.

*sigh* I think I prefer this bird. After all, a girl needs her beauty sleep.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday is Play Day!

Bessie is setting out this morning for the Wild Blue Yonder. It is a perfect September morn here. The sun is shining with that early Autumn glow that only September in the Northern Hemisphere can match. We're going to throw the big doors open at Wild Blue Yonder Studios, (formerly known as The Art Barn), and let Mother Nature inspire us with the crisp, fresh air, blue skies, and magical newness of the season.

Bessie and I have the whole day planned. Mr Bea is working, (as he does most Saturdays), so we are free to get a lot of fun and funktional projects accomplished.

First on my list this morning: Muffins!

Bessie always appreciates it when I bake up a little something sweet. It's just too early in the day for cupcakes...though, on second thought, is it ever the wrong time for cupcakes?? Hmmm...I think not.
But muffins are on the menu, for the first course at least. (Who knows what we may have later for tea!?)

I also picked up a little something for Bessie, as a surprise, when I was out perusing the used book store yesterday. Do you think she will like it? We all know how obsessed she is with Vincent. And really, who can blame her? Not Bea!

Now I really must be off to open up the studio, organize my art supplies, and of course, have a muffin! Mmmmm....Lemon Poppy Seed.
Blue skies, my good friend, art en plein air (that's for Kim!) What more could I ask for?

Bea - enjoying the sweet life with all her heart.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Cupcakes: always masterpieces

It's no secret. Bea and I dearly love our cupcakes! Would you just take a gander at these beauties! They're from the inspiring book entitled Hello Cupcake by Karen Tack.

I can just imagine Bea licking her chops when she sees how much icing is on this Starry Night Cupcake Cake. And she will probably demand that I reproduce one for her birthday. Good thing I don't have to think about that until next June; maybe by then she'll settle for some nondescript cake from her local supermarket.

Until next time, sweet friends ...

Oh, by the way, I'll tell Bea that you're missing her and that it's about time for one of her long posts. After all, I can't do all the hard work around here!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Millineries make a come back

Don't they look like cakes? Like they'd be perfect with a nice cup of tea?

Well, they'd be nice to wear to tea but they're not edible. They're hats, created by Bessie for an upcoming 60's themed party.
Well, the blue one was created by Bessie for Bea, just because...even though Bea will be off in the mountains enjoying the scenery and the crisp autumn air when the party happens. Maybe it would go with Bea's hiking ensemble. It's not as if she'll be scaling any precipices. A little stroll over to the tea house and a saunter along the streets of Whistler and an amble along the mountain trails...I think a polka dotted hat would blend right in, don't you?

Aren't they wonderful? The blue one is created from paint chip samples...and it features the colour "Wild Blue Yonder".

There it is, turning up again! It's a sign I tell you!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Bessie posts: Out of the Wild Blue Yonder

Bessie here. I just sat down a few moments ago to look at some paint samples I picked up at Canadian Tire recently and have myself a nice cup of Chocolatey Chai Tea (with a dollop of cream on top, of course). As I was sipping the "fragrant herbal blend of rich chocolatey taste and chai-inspired spices",
I pondered about what I should share with you all, my friends, today...

Poor Bea seems to be busier than a bee these days homeschooling, homemaking and making hallo-peno jelly, so I didn't want to bother her by phoning her for post ideas. Anyway, I thought I'd just make a mini announcement ~ while Bea's not looking. (Bessie smiles broadly)

We are planning our very first live event! You heard me right folks! For the past few weeks the two of us gals have been creating and conjurin' up some wonderfully artsy, shabby chic-ish, trash-to-treasure items. What for? I'll tell you what for! We're holding the first ever Wild Blue Yonder Christmas Gift Show at the Wild Blue Yonder Studios! You will have the opportunity to purchase some amazing one-of-a-kind items at ridiculously low prices, there'll be door prizes and you'll get to meet and greet the lovely, the talented, Bessie and Bea!
I shan't tell you anything more, other than the date for this event which is October 24 &25, 2008. Do watch for further particulars, right here at Creative Sandwich in the coming days. Now excuse me while I go work on some pretty, pretty items for the show!
P.S. Take a very close look at the beautiful paint sample names ~ can you spot the ironic surprise?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

What do you get when you cross pizza with cough syrup?

Hole-y pizza pan Batman! It was a supper to remember. Bessie went out of her way to make a delicious and wholesome meal for her menfolk Saturday night. She toddled off to Sobey's and purchased two yummy looking pizzas to go along with the ears of fresh corn on the cob that she got from her brother's garden.

The story goes something like this: Bessie places her fresh pizzas on her hole-y-er~than~thou pizza pan and turns the timer on for the usual 10 minutes. She takes extra care to lovingly place the pizzas under the broiler for two additional minutes just to give the cheese an extra melt and brown up the crush ever so slightly.

Apparently Bessie's been busy ~ somehow her mind seems to be elsewhere these days. She's been doing her artwork in her kitchen lately so half the kitchen table is taken up with paints, an easel, markers and glitter, lots and lots of glitter. But the boys don't care one spit as long as they can inhale the grub set before them.

Mr. Bessie so kindly helps his dear wifey set the table and he goes to open the bottle of Dr. Pepper which Bessie refers to as Devil's Brew. She insists that the soda tastes just like Jack and Jill Cough Syrup! Of course her family thinks this is an outrageous claim. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, the mister places the pop bottle on the table and opens it. Swoooosh! Suddenly there's Dr. Pepper EVERYwhere! Bessie screams as she starts to wipe up paint samples and fabric swatches.

Mr. Bessie and the boys are licking their chops when the pizzas eventually arrive on the table along with the corn. After the last "Amen" and the first bite of the pizza, there's a sudden cry: "Argh!" everyone looks at the poor sucker who's taken the first bite. "This is doughy! The dough isn't even cooked!"

The mister doesn't think this possible, (the pizza looks so good and so cooked). He bravely takes a mighty huge chomp off his pizza slice. Sure enough the dough is completely gooey still. In fact, it's hard to tell what's pizza and what's melted mozzarella. So! the pizza is quickly swept away and placed back into the oven. Bessie suggests that maybe the pizza is still goey because it's Rising Crust Pizza from the Deli; a type she's never tried before. Folks, it's a well known fact that Bessie never reads instructions ~ 'cept this time it's got her in trouble.

So the family decides they'll devour the corn on the corn slathered in butter while they wait until the pizza is really cooked.
When the pizza pie comes back to the table the second time, the crust is almost done, but everyone's just too tuckered out to complain. Everyone just wants the disastrous meal to end, especially poor Bessie.

But on a brighter note, these are the Sunflowers that Bessie bought for the mister to give to her. He's such a romantic!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Post where Bessie and Bea go Thrifting

Recently Bessie and I headed out into the wild blue yonder on a thrifting adventure. Our objective was to find a few tired, sad and lonely pieces that we could rescue and rehabilitate with some tender loving care. We just have so much to offer to the forgotten treasures of yesterday! It has been said that we put the "F-u-n" back into "Funk-tionality!"

The wild blue yonder seemed like a great place to start, though truth be told I'm still a little fuzzy on the concept of where exactly that is. Maybe Bessie and Bea need to open a place and call it "The Wild Blue Yonder". What do you think? Would you set out there?? There would be great stuff and plenty of fun and funk-tion there! And probably cupcakes! And we couldn't forget glitter. We must have glitter.

Well, we did indeed find some fun and exciting treasures, junque and "Aunt-eeks". hehehe (Yes, my Aunt would surely "eek" if she saw some of the stuff I carted home!) But Bessie and I love the old and unloveable. The silly and the discarded call out to us, "please, please, take us home!" (Well, maybe that's our kids on their cell phones, calling from the car where they're sitting, waiting as we dig through every nook and crannie of the store). Still, we feel a real affinity for the used and well worn items of another day. Maybe we relate.

I got a new globe for my collection. (Mr Bea thinks I should use a new fangled GPS when I travel, or even an old fashioned map, for goodness sake! But I love a globe and have found myself in many interesting situations and met very interesting people while navigating by this tried and true tool of the past. "It it was good enough for Christopher Columbus and helped him discover the new world, then it's good enough for me" I always say!)
Also, notice the wonderful old album covers. I love the graphics. These will be bound into journals, that we affectionatley call "Re-Bounders." Recycling at it's most creative.

We also listen to them on this thrift store score:

It's "Symphonic"!! Oh, the sound that comes out of its tiny, tinny built in speakers! How marvelous as a soundtrack to our adventures here at Creative Sandwich.
It takes a while to warm up, but when it does there's no stopping the groove!

This trestle table needs a little love a la' Rachel Ashwell, don't you think? Look at those legs! Beeea-utiful!

Now don't turn up your nose at this. It has potential. Use your imagination.
I am. I'm imagining all the elbow grease it will take these old elbows to whip this baby into shape. Whew. It makes me tired just thinking about it. But just you wait and will be worth it. I see it in a little girls room, all white and pink and pretty. It's very well made, with solid wood drawers...none of that particle board here.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little jaunt into the world of thrifting with Bessie and Bea. Come back soon and see what our treasures look like today.

See you soon, in the Wild Blue Yonder!