Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A cup of tea and a stack of magazines

Bessie and Bea are ever on the look out for ideas to inspire them in their creative endeavours, and as a result, they have magazines by the truckloads in their cottages.

This morning, Bessie sat down with her Earl Grey Tea and started going through a stack. Anything that caught her eye ~ anything inspiring ~ she clipped out and put them into protective sleeves, which she is going to put into a large binder (or two, or three).

Wish her luck because looking through some of these magazines can be somewhat distracting, and you don't want to distract the ever-distractable Bessie and Bea!

Now what was I saying?

Bessie & Bea

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bessie's Saturday adventure

Saturday appeared bright and sunny. There was a March wind blowing but that didn't deter Bessie and Mr. Bessie. They headed out for an adventure to Tim Horton's, an Antique Mall and the local Farmer's Market. They even had a picnic in the snow ~ that Mr. Bessie ~ what a romantic. Oh! And since it's the couple's wedding anniversary tomorrow the mister bought Bessie a dozen beautiful pink roses. Now that's even better than sharing a hot dog on a park bench.

Wonder what Bea did today ...?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

On second thought ...

Okay ladies and gents ~ today we will conduct a little test
to see if you are a creative person or not

First of all, we present you with a photo...

What is your first thought?
(Music from Jeopardy plays)

If you're like Bessie,
you think: Oh dear! I loved drinking tea out of that teacup!
Almost immediately, Bessie has another thought.
Can you guess what that is?

Bea + Hammer = Creative Bliss!
Bea is coming over to Bessie's cozy cottage this very day.
Bessie is very excited to present the precious pieces of one
of her very favourite teacups
(that would be the one shown above)
to see what Bea can create out of the shattered pieces.

Stay warm today ~ think creative thoughts.

Bessie & Bea