Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goodness gracious,
it's suddenly 2009!
A brand new year is
ahead of Bessie & Bea
and Creative Sandwich.
What wonderful adventures
await us this year,
we wonder?

Bessie is patiently awaiting
Bea's return to posting on
the Creative Sandwich.
Life is just so much more
interesting when Bea is around.

In the meantime,
take a look at some
modern masters' Snowmen.

Grab a hot chocolate, curl up in your favourite chair and think about all the exercise you'll need to do to get rid of all those excess pounds you gained eating Mildred's rum drenched Figgy Pudding or Aunt Gertrude's Boxing Day Turkey ala King!
Happy New Year to all our dear loyal readers. Bea should be back any moment ... really.


2L3Bs World said...

hi there.. nice blog you got here.. evertime i read it, i feel hungry.. thanks for sharing..

glamgirl said...

Hello, I found your blog therough One World One Heart and since we are neighbours I thought I'd drop by. I'm not entering your lovely draw as I am trying to sort out my stuff and am trying not so add more goodies to the pile but I just wanted to say Hi. Take care