Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Smile

A smile can be as lovely as a prayer,
If there is understanding in the eyes;
A smile that says: "I'm glad to see you there,"
A look that whispers something sweet and wise.
Old people often smile like this when they
Have special love and kindness to convey.

A baby's smile, a wee three-cornered thing,
A bit uncertain of its right to be,
Can lift your heart clear up where angels sing
And show you realms unguessed, eternity
Come down and held in crumpled rosy hands,
Frail in themselves yet strong as iron bands.

The smile of friendship where two eyes unite
In friendly gossip o'er a cup of tea,
Where little happenings of the neighborhood
Are told with relish and a kindly glee;
A lover's smile bent to his lady's face
Can make a palace of the meanest place.

The smiles between a husband and a wife
Across a room can tell the world so much
Of living shared and love's redeeming grace
As intimate and tender as a touch.
A smile can be as lovely as a prayer
If there is love and understanding there.

~ Edna Jaques
Back-Door Neighbors

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