Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just livin'

How are you doing sweet readers? 
It's been a rather busy summer for us gals.
We hope you are doing well and ... just livin'.
Love, Besse & Bea

Just Livin'
It's bread and jam and a pot of tea
   With someone you love for company,
A fire for chilly nights, a chair,
   And radio music sounding there;
A sense of home and familiar things
   An old back porch where a cricket sings.

Not askin' much, just a place to stay,
   A quiet bed at the end of day,
A friend to drop in for a little chat,
   Gossiping over this and that;
A game of checkers or dominoes,
   And a small wood fire that softly glows.

It's dreams in your heart, deep down inside,
   Clean living, decent, a bit of pride
In the little town and the people there,
   The church and the store that you sort of share,
The crazy sidewalk, the yew-tree's shade,
   The little first of July parade.

It's bread and butter and simple things,
   Tears and laughter and wedding rings,
A birth in the house -- a death next door,
   Sunlight falling upon the door;
A child to love when the day is done,
   Just being alive ... is such splendid fun.

By: Edna Jaques

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