Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Keeping in touch

Sincerest apologies from Bea and moi. We've been so very busy preparing for the Wild Blue Yonder Gift Show and hosting and attending Canadian Thanksgiving celebrations, we have had very little time for blogging. Although we have had plenty of time to increase our waistlines. Oh dear. But that's another post altogether.

Dear, dear neglected readers; we hope that you'll enjoy this blast from the past. Here is an advertisement from an old The National Geographic Magazine.

When Bea and I were young, we remember picking up the telephone, and occasionally hearing someone else having a conversation because we had party lines back then. I always felt sorry for the folks who were on our party line ~ especially when my mother and her friend Edna got on the phone! Our family's telephone is like the black one shown here. I also recall many people didn't have the luxury of even owning a telephone. That may explain why the Bell Telephone System ran this advertisement in the November 1958 edition of National Geographic.

Can you just imagine Bessie and Bea without telephones? Perish the thought! We're modern gals and we need to talk with each other to plan and scheme about wonderfully creative things and writing letters to one another just wouldn't do! Thank you Alexander Graham Bell!

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