Saturday, December 13, 2008

We love Christmas!

Bessie and Bea are still here folks! I know, I know. We do deserve a swift kick in the behind for being so fainéant in blogging as of late. Sure we have a thousand excuses for not keeping up here, but we know you don't want to hear all the silly little self-justifications.

Now we turn our attention to the Christmas season. It is one of our favourite times of the year. We have some snow in our neck of the woods ~ just enough to make it feel a little more like Christmas, and we are busying ourselves with baking, making homemade gifts and decorating our homes while listening to Bing and Nat on the radio. Bessie is trying to get her Christmas gift together for her dear Bea. Now if only Bea would show up at Bessie's to collect it, everything would be fine.

Here's hoping Bea will post something on here too so that we can get into the grove of talking to our dear faithful readers once again. She has a nice camera, so maybe she will upload some snapshots of the sights around her home. Ta-ta for now and we look forward to your comments over the Christmas holidays!

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