Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bessie's Saturday adventure

Saturday appeared bright and sunny. There was a March wind blowing but that didn't deter Bessie and Mr. Bessie. They headed out for an adventure to Tim Horton's, an Antique Mall and the local Farmer's Market. They even had a picnic in the snow ~ that Mr. Bessie ~ what a romantic. Oh! And since it's the couple's wedding anniversary tomorrow the mister bought Bessie a dozen beautiful pink roses. Now that's even better than sharing a hot dog on a park bench.

Wonder what Bea did today ...?

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sherry lee said...

A romantic picnic in the snow -- with Timmy's...but I want to know -- did they roll up the rim to win?!? I keep getting "play again"...I haven't even won a coffee or a donut!!! Hope they had better luck!