Saturday, March 7, 2009

On second thought ...

Okay ladies and gents ~ today we will conduct a little test
to see if you are a creative person or not

First of all, we present you with a photo...

What is your first thought?
(Music from Jeopardy plays)

If you're like Bessie,
you think: Oh dear! I loved drinking tea out of that teacup!
Almost immediately, Bessie has another thought.
Can you guess what that is?

Bea + Hammer = Creative Bliss!
Bea is coming over to Bessie's cozy cottage this very day.
Bessie is very excited to present the precious pieces of one
of her very favourite teacups
(that would be the one shown above)
to see what Bea can create out of the shattered pieces.

Stay warm today ~ think creative thoughts.

Bessie & Bea

1 comment:

Charlie said...

I would break it to pieces just as implied by the hammer. I love to do mosaics, however the past year or so my muse has taken me elsewhere. Where do I go to see the magic performed on the teacup?