Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tea Time Tuesday

Tea Time Tuesday

Hello darling readers! We always take time for tea, but it's even more fun when we can pull out a couple more cups and saucers out of the old china cabinet to share with our dear friends.

Today's offering is a Chai Latte that we made using President's Choice Brand (Real Canadian Superstore) Chai tea bags. This tea is very lovely choice on a wintry day, especially when it is served up in a delightful mug Bessie brought home after a recent shopping trip to one of her favourite boutiques (Bea gave Bessie the same mug in blue, too!).

Have you ever heard of Tea Time Tuesday? It's a wonderful virtual tea time to be shared with other bloggers who enjoy a cuppa as much as us old gals do. We'll try to post on Tea Time Tuesday as often as possible because we think it is a wonderful idea. You could say it's Bessie & Bea Approved.

Now is that one lump, or two?

Bessie & Bea


Cameron said...

Mmmmm...love a good chai!

Halle said...

Welcome to Tea Tuesday! Chai is one of my favorites!! Wonderful tea set Bessie found...

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Good morning Bessie & Bea,
Welcome to Tea Time Tuesday! So nice of you to stop by for tea. It's always lovely to 'meet' other Canadian blogging friends. Chai Latte sounds like a real treat to me and served up in that pretty mug, even better! So happy you've found me and I hope to be hearing from you lots. I am your newest follower. Enjoy your day.


Kimmie said...

Your frothy chai latte looks so delicious!! Your tea set is so sweet .... And I love to hear someone toot the horn for Canada!