Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Millineries make a come back

Don't they look like cakes? Like they'd be perfect with a nice cup of tea?

Well, they'd be nice to wear to tea but they're not edible. They're hats, created by Bessie for an upcoming 60's themed party.
Well, the blue one was created by Bessie for Bea, just because...even though Bea will be off in the mountains enjoying the scenery and the crisp autumn air when the party happens. Maybe it would go with Bea's hiking ensemble. It's not as if she'll be scaling any precipices. A little stroll over to the tea house and a saunter along the streets of Whistler and an amble along the mountain trails...I think a polka dotted hat would blend right in, don't you?

Aren't they wonderful? The blue one is created from paint chip samples...and it features the colour "Wild Blue Yonder".

There it is, turning up again! It's a sign I tell you!

1 comment:

Karyn said...

I like the pink one - so pretty and feminine.