Friday, September 12, 2008

Cupcakes: always masterpieces

It's no secret. Bea and I dearly love our cupcakes! Would you just take a gander at these beauties! They're from the inspiring book entitled Hello Cupcake by Karen Tack.

I can just imagine Bea licking her chops when she sees how much icing is on this Starry Night Cupcake Cake. And she will probably demand that I reproduce one for her birthday. Good thing I don't have to think about that until next June; maybe by then she'll settle for some nondescript cake from her local supermarket.

Until next time, sweet friends ...

Oh, by the way, I'll tell Bea that you're missing her and that it's about time for one of her long posts. After all, I can't do all the hard work around here!


Dawn said...

Wow Bessie! What an amazing cupcake cake. Who wouldn't love to have that as a birthday cake. I'll have to get my friend Arlene (ArtDeMe blog) to make one for my birthday in January!

Karyn said...

Those are cupcakes?! That is amazing! Maybe you could get together and make one for our collective NON birthdays? Just be sure to call so I can take pictures of the process! :)