Monday, September 8, 2008

Bessie posts: Out of the Wild Blue Yonder

Bessie here. I just sat down a few moments ago to look at some paint samples I picked up at Canadian Tire recently and have myself a nice cup of Chocolatey Chai Tea (with a dollop of cream on top, of course). As I was sipping the "fragrant herbal blend of rich chocolatey taste and chai-inspired spices",
I pondered about what I should share with you all, my friends, today...

Poor Bea seems to be busier than a bee these days homeschooling, homemaking and making hallo-peno jelly, so I didn't want to bother her by phoning her for post ideas. Anyway, I thought I'd just make a mini announcement ~ while Bea's not looking. (Bessie smiles broadly)

We are planning our very first live event! You heard me right folks! For the past few weeks the two of us gals have been creating and conjurin' up some wonderfully artsy, shabby chic-ish, trash-to-treasure items. What for? I'll tell you what for! We're holding the first ever Wild Blue Yonder Christmas Gift Show at the Wild Blue Yonder Studios! You will have the opportunity to purchase some amazing one-of-a-kind items at ridiculously low prices, there'll be door prizes and you'll get to meet and greet the lovely, the talented, Bessie and Bea!
I shan't tell you anything more, other than the date for this event which is October 24 &25, 2008. Do watch for further particulars, right here at Creative Sandwich in the coming days. Now excuse me while I go work on some pretty, pretty items for the show!
P.S. Take a very close look at the beautiful paint sample names ~ can you spot the ironic surprise?


Karyn said...

I can't wait! BTW would you be interested in an official photographer of your event?

creative sandwich's lovely proprietors said...

We will be in touch!

creative sandwich's lovely proprietors said...

An official photographer? Oh My! Well, Bessie dear, we'll have to get our hair did!

Sybil said...

Interesting to know.