Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday is Play Day!

Bessie is setting out this morning for the Wild Blue Yonder. It is a perfect September morn here. The sun is shining with that early Autumn glow that only September in the Northern Hemisphere can match. We're going to throw the big doors open at Wild Blue Yonder Studios, (formerly known as The Art Barn), and let Mother Nature inspire us with the crisp, fresh air, blue skies, and magical newness of the season.

Bessie and I have the whole day planned. Mr Bea is working, (as he does most Saturdays), so we are free to get a lot of fun and funktional projects accomplished.

First on my list this morning: Muffins!

Bessie always appreciates it when I bake up a little something sweet. It's just too early in the day for cupcakes...though, on second thought, is it ever the wrong time for cupcakes?? Hmmm...I think not.
But muffins are on the menu, for the first course at least. (Who knows what we may have later for tea!?)

I also picked up a little something for Bessie, as a surprise, when I was out perusing the used book store yesterday. Do you think she will like it? We all know how obsessed she is with Vincent. And really, who can blame her? Not Bea!

Now I really must be off to open up the studio, organize my art supplies, and of course, have a muffin! Mmmmm....Lemon Poppy Seed.
Blue skies, my good friend, art en plein air (that's for Kim!) What more could I ask for?

Bea - enjoying the sweet life with all her heart.



Karyn said...

sounds like a lovely day! have fun!

creative sandwich's lovely proprietors said...

You're just too good to me Bea. I love, love, LOVE the Van Gogh book you bought me. How very sweet of you. Thank you!