Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bessie cooks when it's 100 above (that's 38 in Celcius language)

My goodness gracious sakes alive it's hot out there!
You could fry an egg on the sidewalk. At first I gave the Egg ala Sidewalk a thought, I'd fry up an egg or two out on the tarmac ... but then I decided that what I really had a hankering for was pasta maybe with a seafood twist ... mmmm! Since I didn't have a recipe, I thought what in the hootin' and hollerin' would my dear friend Bea do? She'd improvise, of course! So this is me improvising...

1. I cooked up a big pot of Rotini

2. Created a pasta sauce: A little butter, fresh garlic clove (or two), finely chopped onion, a little flour, salt & pepper, vino, 1/2 cream and milk

While that stuff is all cookin' there on the stove,

I quickly chopped up some fake crab to add to the sauce. That'll make it seafood-y, I thought to myself.

Next, I threw a green salad together:
1. Romaine lettuce
2. Carrots, thinly sliced
3. Cucumber chunks
4. Tomato chunks
5. Kalamata olives (whole ~ it's more fun to find a pit!)
6. Feta, small chunks
7. Hellmann's Salad Spritzers (Balsamic Breeze)

I jest about burnt the sauce, because I was making the salad, but I caught it just in time. Phew! Everyone gobbled it down, and I didn't get one complaint. In fact, the whole lot wanted seconds.

A perfect summer supper, gingham tablecloth to boot.
Sorry 'bout the southern accent in this post, it's so hot out there, I've acquired the accent!


creative sandwich's lovely proprietors said...

Lawd have Mercy, that looks good! (Ooops, apparently it's our inner Paula Dean comin' out, Bessie!)

You were brave to stand over a hot stove.I hope your family appreciated it and did all the dishes.

I decided to do BBQ tonight. And peel and eat shrimp with lots of butter and garlic. Mmmmm. It would have been the perfect dinner without the hornet that stung me when I sat down. I'm still using the ice pack.


creative sandwich's lovely proprietors said...

Dearest Bea,
So sorry to hear about the most unfortunate hornet incident.
One question: Can you sit down now ~ or did that nasty critter sting you in your sitter-downer?
With love and sympathy ~