Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tea for Two at Three

Some of Bessie and Bea's fans wonder ... just exactly who are these refined ladies? What makes them tick? What do they like during their day?

Bessie and Bea like tea at three, with china cups and saucers if you please. They also like old buttons, lace and rusty things. And, if they're not re-purposing the mediocre, they might be bartering at a garage sale, or blog hopping.

Recently, as the ladies sipped their Twinings, they were astonished, when they both confessed to each other, that yes, they like sparkley things. They like sparkley things, very much indeed! And that yes, wouldn't it be grand if they both had chandeliers? So now the ladies are on the look out for some sparklely to adorn their homes and lives with.

Oh, by the way ... Bessie and Bea are very particular about their tea ritual. Please watch Creative Sandwich as they will soon post a step-by-step tutorial on the correct method of making a perfect cuppa tea.

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