Thursday, August 7, 2008

Inspiration Can be Pink and Refreshing

Tea at three indeed. It's a very wise thing to have a pick-me-up when the energy begins to droop in mid afternoon. No drooping allowed around here. We're always perky! *

We here at Creative Sandwich also like to sip a cold and frosty drink when the heat gets unbearable, and if it's pink and pretty, so much the better!

ART-ing always stirs up creativity, in all areas of life.

I was flipping and snipping through an old Martha magazine, and this picture popped out at me! wonderful and tempting is that?

I didn't read the recipe, or really pause, I just ripped it out and put it to one side. Then later, when I went in to whip up the pizzas for lunch, I grabbed the torn out page and looked at it.
"Wouldn't that taste splendid?" I asked myself.

I answered in the affirmative, and quickly looked in the refrigerator to see what I had that would make a good facsimile. I had half a watermelon, cubed and cold, and a basket of ripe strawberries. Perfect!
They went into the VitaMix, with a squeeze of organic agave syrup, and 30 seconds later I poured them over ice into big, chunky goblets. I topped them up with a wee splash of the new Green Tea Ginger Ale from Canada Dry.
Oh my, it was love at first sip!
The only thing missing was a little umbrella.

Which Bessie kindly pointed out to me, bless her heart.

She's so helpful like that.

So I want to encourage you all in your creative endeavors. If a recipe calls out to you, whether it's for a special drink or a journal page, use what you have, improvise, and enjoy! It may not be exactly what you envisioned, but it will be brave, and it will be yours!



*You can even ask our husbands if you don't believe us. But they're out of town right now. No, we don't know when they'll be back.

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