Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fun, Fun Fun ....

till her Daddy took her glue stick away...

Step away from my glue stick!! I will never hand it over without a fight!

*ahem* I know, we do get rather passionate at times about things that really matter, deep down inside.

Today was not the day to try to come betwixt a girl and her glue stick. It was play day at the art barn, here in the sunny prairie city on the edge of the lake.

There was Soul Journaling to be done. Bessie did the cover of her ART journal. It's so lovely, don't you think?

To keep up our creative strength, Bea made pizza, and pretty, pink strawberry and watermelon coolers, and lovely Lisa provided a beautiful salad full of the bounty of her garden. It was fresher than fresh! ("Just like us" she said modestly.)

We ate out in the garden, next to the art barn. We left our mess behind and savoured the great conversation and wonderful food in the shade of a beautiful tree.

Food and art go together like... well....what doesn't food go with?

(Maybe sky diving?)

Lisa has orders form her doctor to live it up! To have FUN! To be wild! We are trying to help her in that department. It happens to be our specialty.
It's just another free service here at Creative Sandwich.

It looks like it's working...see that smile?

Well, we had to take a little break from all that art, to go thrifting. We scored big time!

We each found a retro cool groovy LP from the exact year of our respective births! The art work is too funky, just like us!

We think we see book covers in the works...they were too fun to pass on!

Hope your day is tasty and delicious, full of sunshine and joy. If it's not, take a bite of our Creative Sandwich and know that you are loved!

PS. Oh, Bessie? You know those scrumptious cupcakes you brought? The ones we didn't have time to decorate till after you went home?

Ummm....they were delicious.

And thanks ever so much for the dazzling sun flowers (see top) you brought for me. I love them!


creative sandwich's lovely proprietors said...

Oh Bea!
Your cupcakes look so yummy! And to think that I missed out on them. Whaaaa.

Thank you for a wonderful day.


Kim Mailhot said...

OMG - all I could think of as I read this post was I so, so wish I was a friend of yours and that I could be there ! How great is it to hang out with like-minded chick friends and eat and play and be merry ! So very sweet ! I found you ladies through Arlene at ArtdeMe and promise to check back soon to see what other new adventures you have !

martha brown said...

I am just loving your blog! Wish that I lived closer so I could partake in the artmaking and pizza and cupcake noshing with you! Can I add you to my links????

creative sandwich's lovely proprietors said...

Dear Kim,

You can play with Bessie and Bea anytime! We live quite near an international airport.
If the whole airport security thing is just too, too much bother, check back with us anytime and we will serve you up a little bit of something delish.
Thanks so much for your kind comments.

creative sandwich's lovely proprietors said...

Dear, Martha,

We would be honoured to have you add us to your links!
Come and play and take tea with us any old time. You'll find us out back in the art barn. No need to call first, just follow the sound of music and laughter till you find us!
Bessie and Bea

Dawn said...

You ladies are just having wayyy too much fun. Lots of fun to be invited to the art barn, I'd say.
*Hint, hint*