Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bessie sweetly steps back into history

My stars, Bea! If you think these pretty pastels look good enough to eat, you're right, at least half right. They are good enough to eat, but their not pastels. They're some of the old fashioned Edinburgh Rock Candy we purchased on our trip to the local historical park today.

It was overcast and cool this morning when we headed to the fort. I'm thinking that a lot of people assume that the park is closed for the season because there weren't very many people there, which made our visit all the more enjoyable. We quite enjoyed the refreshing rain showers mixed with glorious sunshine. And the candy. Did I mention the candy? Mmm ... Bessie does love her sweets, especially the old fashioned variety.

Remember Chicken Bones? Mmm!

and Fruit Drops, anyone?

We had a ride on the old train which was completely rebuilt (the interior) in 2005 when Brad Pitt and company rode into town to film the movie, 'The Assassination of Jesse James'. New seats and sleeping bunks were installed. The front part of the car was designed as a posh parlor car for the movie.
Well dearies, that's about all for now, I have to go eat some more of the sweets that I acquired today on our little day trip. Until next time ...
Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks ~
Love, Bessie

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