Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Research and Development

...that's what we call doing the things we like best.

Doesn't everyone have dreams of being creative every single day? I thought so! Me too.

Bessie and I thought a Wednesday was a perfect excuse to get together and plan how we are going to take over the world, and bring art to everyone! And glitter. Definitely more glitter. "Glitter for the common man!" should be our motto. That and cupcakes. "Cupcakes for the common man!"
We're just thinking of all of you. It's what we do.

This morning found us getting our groove on with a hot cup of mocha latte' and a sticky, delicious cinnamon bun. It helps us think better when we're all hopped up on sugar.
We had a journal show and tell...we compared lists, scribbled in the dead of night into our journals, which of course we keep by the side of the bed. It's when we come up with our best glittery, sweet, frosted ideas. (Until our respective husbands tell us to please turn off the light and go. to. sleep! That usually happens a few times, generally around 2 am.)
We sipped. We nibbled. We looked through the new Country Living and found even more ideas!

We were off on a thrifting expedition today, and found lots of raw material for making more journals, lamps with pink dangly bits, beautiful old china and lots of other treasures we will be showing here once we get it tarted up.
Because we believe in equal opportunity here.
Tarts should get just as much limelight as cupcakes.

It's hard work coming up with all these amazing ideas and finding potential in the most humble of cast-offs.
So of course we had to stop for lunch in order to keep up our strength. We chose Bessie's favorite restaurant, a fantastic Indian place that gets rave reviews from all the locals. It was spicy and exotic and tasty and just wonderful. We tried a bit of everything. It's a wonderful experience. It has chandeliers! And hammered metal water goblets and carved furniture. It's the kind of place that does stimulate the creativity.

The afternoon ended with Bessie convincing Bea to take most of the treasures home to the Art Barn till she can come and play. *sigh* That's what happens when you have a barn...everyone wants to store stuff there.

Hope you'll check back soon and see what treasures we can show and tell!


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