Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Post Where Bea Gets New Socks and Life is Full of Wonder

First I would like to offer my sincerest apology for the horrific formatting of this post. Blogger is intent on causing me a migraine today, and rather than fight it, I decided to choose the zen way and just let what is, simply be.

The best thing to do of a rainy day is have tea with a friend. Especially when you're wearing brand new, polka dot and striped socks. (Who even knew there was such a thing??!) These beauties are a gift from Bessie, the dear heart.

Bessie arrived at the Art Barn very early this grey day.

First we relaxed over a nice cup of Chai and cupcakes (blue; my favorite colour) and browsed through some inspiring books. Big City Junk by Mary Randolf Carter is a great book to get your Mojo going. The Creative License by Danny Gregory has also been very inspiring here at Creative Sandwich of late. It teaches you how to "give yourself permission to be the artist you truly are". Go Danny! Go Bessie and Bea!

After all that inspiration we couldn't even help getting busy with some of the amazing materials that abide out in the Art Barn. Serendipity happened! Bessie had started work on a painted shirt back at Phap Farm day in July. That shirt still needed a little something, and as we walked into the Art Barn the answer presented itself. A silk fabric panel, in the exact hues of the paint Bessie had randomly chosen for her shirt was sitting there, in plain view. We remembered picking it up at our favorite Secret Art Source a couple weeks ago, with no particular use for it in mind. Here it sat, size, in colour and in theme! Don't you just LOVE it when that happens?!
Of course I had to sew it to the back of the shirt with a funky stitch and bright thread. Wonderful!
But still that shirt needed just a leeetle bit of jazz. Of course Bessie went rummaging in the Barn and found a bag (also found at Secret Source but in no way connected to first amazing piece of material) stuffed full of little scraps that seemed sure to be too small for any serious project. The bright, colourful scraps happened to be oriental silks in dazzling colours that (of course) look wonderful next to the paint and the patch on the shirt.

The muse, the Spirit, the universe, all cooperate in the most delightful ways when we have our hearts open to joy and wonder, don't they?

Here is evidence of our blessed day!

By the way, Bessie's shirt says, " Now, Go Do Some ART!"

What are you waiting for?

with a thankful heart,


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