Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Where Dessert is Eaten First (and life is as it should be)

There was a wedding on the weekend. (Yes, I know it's already Wednesday, but there was a lot of business here at Creative Sandwich the last few days).

The drive out into the country side was spectacular, with fall harvest in full swing, clear blue skies and a hint of a Autumn in the air already.

It was a wonderful day, and the bride and groom were the sensible sorts who invited the whole family, young and old, and asked if everyone could bring a little something for the celebration dinner. My favorite kind of wedding!! They didn't go broke on providing a meal to a hundred people, they had a wonderful assortment of homemade goodies and traditional Ukrainian food, and Bea was in heaven!!

I made a Tiramisu, because one can never have too many desserts, especially the rich and creamy kind! Would you like the directions? Recipes are far too restrictive, don't you think? I need scope for my imagination, just like Anne Shirley.
I hope you are enjoying a wonderful, creative week. And I hope you remember, the next time you attend an occasion, that life is short, so you should eat dessert first.


Karyn said...

Mmmmmm....having experienced your tiramisu, I agree.

Who got married?

creative sandwich's lovely proprietors said...

My cousin Carol. Wait for Mom's older sister's middle daughter. Don't you love large families? Fot years we had several weddings a year what with all the cousins. Now it's mostly cousins kids getting married, and they usually do it smaller. Carol's was nice, because there were so many little kids there, and they did all the food themselves and everyone brought salads and desserts. Fun!
And it was the same tiramisu. I made a double batch.