Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Post Where Bea Chooses Ten Tiny Wonders

Well, since my dear friend Dawn of Art of Humungous Proportions challenged us to play along with the Funky Art Queen here at Creative Sandwich, I give you Ten Tiny Things:

These diminutive treasures are all so very dear to my heart! I love miniatures, it probably comes of my tiny stature. *ahem*
No need to snort, Dear Reader.

I chose them all because they are Tiny. And that was the challenge. But it didn't take the pointiest Crayola in the box to figure that out, did it? I will move ahead and just describe each item in a short phrase. I'll give it's providence, if you will. The history and pedigree.

(Yes Bessie, I am getting to the point! Please give me some breathing room dear!)

I shall move clockwise from the largest item, located at the top left hand corner, in a spiral manner. Beginning now:
  • An exquisite and unique hand made book with polymer clay covers, water colour paper pages, jute closing wrap finished with a charm stamped in the form of an antique pen nib. Created by one Phapboy of the Pointy Hat Art Posse. (I am linking to your blog, Phapboy, so you had better scurry over there and post something new for our discriminating audience. Remember, Bea knows where you live!)
  • One of a set of two polymer clay charms created by my own wee babe, the very one who insists "he is not artistic". Bea begs to differ. The charms are attached on a string of jute, and are usually seen prominently (for so small a thing) looped over the antique mirror in the front entry way.
  • Tiny (one inch high) crystal bird. Sits in a cabinet with others of a feather and cheers household by it's preciousness.
  • Second of set of two charms. (see item number two above).
  • A tiny black stone with a word collaged on to each of the four sides. It says "an air of magic". Quite.
  • A glass, flat marble magnet with the image of an old clock face. It holds a photo of my now almost grown babies on my fridge and is a daily reminder of the passing of time. Carpe Diem.
  • A glass, flat marble magnet with image of little red bird, also holds a photo on my refrigerator. Does one need an excuse for a red bird in the kitchen?
  • A spider pin from the 1950's that belonged to my mother. (note to self: Get copy of photo of mother wearing said pin.)
  • Tiny birdhouse from Hallmark Christmas ornament (2002) that hangs in my kitchen year round.
  • Tiny (1 1/2 inch long) book, handmade by Ruth O'Conner for a Valentine Day swap in 2007. It is completely delightful in every way, just the size of a postage stamp.

So there you have it my friends. It was lovely playing along! Thank you Funky Art Queen for hosting. It's always so much fun showing off our treasures to other appreciative artsy types.



creative sandwich's lovely proprietors said...

Oh Bea! Wbat a lovely collection of tinies ~ each one, so precious and delightful. Now you've done it dearest, you've made me jealous and I want to play too.


(Stay tuned while Bessie rummages through her cottage for tinies of her own)

Funky Art Queen said...

Oh Bea, I agree, this was a fine collection. I can't believe I did not comment sooner. I'm a bad blogger! Heehee Thanks so much for participating in my challenge. I was too fun! I'm having a hard time picking the winner because you were all winners just for making my day!

Kim Mailhot said...

Your collection is truly exquisite ! I love the rock with words and the little book ! Amazing tiny treasures !
Cheers on a job well done !