Sunday, August 3, 2008

What Can you Create?

Are you creative? Can you make "stuff"? Do only certain people, trained from birth, and naturally talented, have the ability to make the world a more beautiful place for the ordinary, little people, like you and me?

Is it only the trained and certified Chefs who are capable of feeding our souls along with our bodies?

HA! That's what many of us who have been raised and educated on the conveyor belt have believed in the past! We've been programed to believe that when it comes to beauty, and taste, and fashion, there are those who are qualified to lead and there are the rest of us whose only purpose is to follow, agree, and consume.

But is it true?

Well, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that sadly yes, it may be what we believe and experience to be true in the present tense. We may have surrendered our creative licenses to the art police experts, but does the world really believe that there are those who deserve to be called THE "Painter of Light", and the rest of us who can shell out our resources to support their fairy tale existence?

No, no, no. The good news is that this farce doesn't have to be the TRUTH!

TRUTH is different, and bigger, and more vibrant than what is true....because what is true may change, but TRUTH does not change, ever, and the TRUTH is that we are all creative, are created that way, and can live out our lives manifesting that TRUTH every day (yes, even when we stub our toe and the car is broken and we burned the toast...again!)

So though it may be true that we cannot recognize one iota of creativity in our day, right here- right now, that bigger, juicier, true-for-all-time-TRUTH is that we can not NOT be creative. It is in us to be creative, as we live, breath, move, think, and dream when our heads hit the pillow at night.

It's in our DNA people, and we cannot escape our destiny. Sometimes we may need a little nudge in the right direction, but life is one big messy, wonderful, blessed, hilariously exciting though sometimes painfully stretching, Art project! We are the brushes, and our days are the ATC's! (Hey, let's start small...less performance anxiety!)

That's what Creative Sandwich is all about...creativity; schmeared over around and in between the ordinary white bread of our sometimes dry and boring daily journeys. And if you feel you need a little help along the way, when you just can't take another bologna on white, come see Bessie and Bea. We'll cook you up something fresh and tasty; spicy, and dripping with taste and savory messiness. And we'll remind you that you can do the same, only better! Better because what excites you is special and unique and individual. One of a kind!

Yes, you will need napkins.

And don't be shy...go ahead, lick your fingers!
Bessie & Bea


Maria said...

Your blog is fun and your sandwiches fabulous! Keep 'em coming. :)


arlene said...

Hi Maria,

Yes the sandwich was De-lisch! More to come!