Thursday, August 21, 2008

Has Bessie lost all her marbles?

Glory Be, Bea!
I just had to come up with 10 tiny things of my own for you and our faithful readers.

And since some may think I've lost my marbles already, here's proof that I haven't.

This group includes (Bea, I don't know all the highfalutin' names for these things, but I'll try):
1. A large really pretty light blue with dark blue and yellow swirls
2. Green cat's eye. I like this one because it's old and chipped.
3. Red and white Toothpaste
4. Steely
5. Black and orange
6. Pearlescent white
7. Princess mauve iridescent
8. Green milky
9. Clear Blue Peewee
10. Peewee Devil's Eye

Check out this interesting video on how marbles are made ~ very intriguing.

Until next time chickies ...

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